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Brian May & kerry Ellis
"Nothing Really Has Changed"
Released through Duck Productions
Download available from 9th December 2013, CD available from 9th December 2013

Brian May & kerry Ellis - Nothing Really Has Changed

Queen guitarist Brian May has found himself an unlikely new partner in music: legendary British screen actress Virginia McKenna.

May, working once more with constant singing partner Kerry Ellis, has teamed up with the veteran actress for a recording of her original song, 'Nothing Really Has Changed'.

The track, recorded live during May and Kerry Ellis' performance at the recent Montreux Jazz Festival as part of their 'Acoustic By Candlelight' tour, is now to be released as a download single and video.

Both compassionate animal rights campaigners, May and Virginia McKenna were drawn together through the wildlife work of her Born Free Foundation, which she formed in 1984 and was named after her iconic film.

Impressed by the work being done by the foundation to fight animal exploitation and to protect and conserve threatened species, particularly Africa's magnificent lions, May flew himself to visit her South African reserve, and the two became firm friends. They continue to support the work of each other.

'Virginia's song, 'Nothing Really Has Changed' is the perfect message for this time: Government continues not to listen to experts and the public, the cull is a disaster as everyone predicted, and after all this, we still have absolutely no evidence to prove the case put forward to justify going ahead with this. The Government has gone into this blindly and foolishly. And, after all this, what will have changed?'

Says May: 'Virginia McKenna wrote this beautiful song about 30 years ago. It never really saw the light of day and when Kerry, Virginia and I met up, Virginia said it would be fantastic if Kerry would sing it and could we make an arrangement to make it happen. And it perfectly captures the message of the frustration of witnessing the pointless assault of our countryside and its creatures for no acceptable reason.'

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Nothing Really Has Changed (Radio Edit)

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