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"Moonshine Phase One The Dark Side"
Released through Nip N Tuck Music
Download available from 16th July 2012, CD available from 16th July 2012

Morfex - Moonshine Phase One The Dark Side

Nip N Tuck Music presents the debut EP 'Moonshine' from hot new production crew Morfex featuring the vocals of 19 year old Katie Brisbourne. The single will be released at the end of October with a range of mixes spanning Drum and Bass through to Dubstep and Electro.

The EP is already receiving massive club support entering the UK Cool Cuts Chart Top 10, Music Week Commercial Club Chart Number 9 and Highest New Entry in the Music Week Upfront Club Charts at Number 22.

With huge basslines and anthemic vocals 'Moonshine' looks set to brighten up the skies this year.

The release is scheduled in three phases with:

Phase 1 - 'The Dark Side' featuring Liquid Drum & Bass mixes from Urban Soul Selective.
Phase 2 - 'The New Moon' will feature full vocal and instrumental Dubstep mixes.
Phase 3 - 'The Full Moon' will showcase the electro mixes and full vocal mixes from Miami 2 Vegas and Dominatorz.

Each phase is set to have its own unique artwork commissioned courtesy of the original Rave artist himself, Junior Tomlin.

Junior is known as 'The Salvador Dali of Rave' for his futuristic airbrush designs an early work on the record covers for some of the leading Dance labels of the genre including Vinyl Solutions, Kickin', React, Renegade Soundwave, Novamute, ZZT and Fashion Records.

Junior has since gone on to amass a cult following with much of his work including his early Rave club flyers being considered as collector's items.
Junior's work has been integral in helping craft the visual identity of Morfex's 'Moonshine' EP and his three strikingly beautiful and original pieces perfectly compliment the release.

Tracklisting 30 second Sample  
Urban Soul Selective Drum & Bass Mix
Urban Soul Selective Drum & Bass Dub
Morfex Hybrid Mix
Morfex Hybrid Edit
Urban Soul Selective Edit

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