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PDG Vs Anniemouse
"Can't Stop The Boogie"
Released through Vital Noise Records
Download available from 25th April 2011, CD available from 25th April 2011

PDG Vs Anniemouse  - Can't Stop The Boogie


Mark Battershall, a UK leading choreographer at Pineapple Dance Studios went on a quest to find commercial dancers who looked amazingly hot, but who were also technically trained. A big audition took place, covered by Sky1's hit TV show 'Pineapple Dance Studios' in 2010 and the dance group PDG was born! PDG has featured on TV shows such as Pineapple Dance Studios, Louie Spence's Showbusiness, the 5 o'clock Show, the Paul O'Grady Show, T4 on the Beach, the National Television Awards and many more. They are also some of the carefully selected dancers to feature on the world's very first smart phone application to teach dance moves to the public − MAKE DANCE. In late 2010, some of PDG's core members − namely Kathryn, Victoria, Lucienne, and Naz - took to the recording studio to lay down vocals for a collaboration with writing and production team Anniemouse.


Anniemouse is a hot writing and production team from the UK. The team are working with artists from the pop and dance world in 2011 and PDG are their first collaboration of this year. PDG Vs Anniemouse is about to grab the music world by its dancing feet with the explosive monster hit that is 'Can't Stop the Boogie'. This tune has already captured the attention of music industry buffs and everyone who loves a Summer scorching hit should get ready for the huge impact 'Can't Stop the Boogie' will be making on the music scene this year.

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Loverush UK! Edit
Gadgetman Edit
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