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John '00' Fleming Presents
"Psy Trance Euphoria"
Released through Ministry of Sound
Download available from 18th February 2008, CD available from 18th February 2008

John '00' Fleming Presents - Psy Trance Euphoria

Seminal DJ and producer John '00' Fleming has signed a new record deal with the hugely successful Euphoria/MOS brand. John has already clocked up sales of almost a million albums with his previous White Label Euphoria album series, the last of which was released in 2005. This time sees John mixing a new cutting edge concept 'Psy Trance Euphoria', reflecting the power of Psychedelic Trance genre globally.

Last year Psy-Trance pulled in worldwide festival audiences in their millions. Fiercely underground, it has shied away from commercial pressures, making it one of the most popular and well-regarded sub-genres of electronic music. While the album is merely Fleming's take on the genre, John was also inspired to record his own artist album (under the guise of 00.db with fellow artist The Digital Blonde) of tracks specifically inspired by and for the scene, and combining it with the double DJ mix CD to make it a 3 CD concept.

The 00.db artist album features exclusive tracks and remix collaborations with the likes of Israel's top psy trance DJ, Astrix. The DJ-mixed discs feature the top names from the genre, with tracks and mixes from Infected Mushroom, Ace Ventura, Freq, Tristan, Dag, Vibrasphere, Astral Projection, Fatali, Earthling, Xerox & Illumination, and many more.

John '00' Fleming says:
“Over the three CDs I want people to experience the journey through the Progressive elements of Psy and Morning Psy that I love dearly. The third CD is an extra treat of my own productions with The Digital Blonde under our 00.db guise. It's the first time in history an artist album has been linked together with a mix compilation, so I'm very excited to be a part of this.”

Psychedelic trance has a distinctive, speedy sound. High BPMs (generally between 120 and 150 BPM) tend to be faster than other forms of trance or techno music. Psychedelic trance uses strong bass beats that pound constant throughout the song, and overlays the bass with varying rhythms using drums and other synthesized instruments.[1] Psychedelic trance tracks tend to be 8-12 minutes long, This gives the music time to develop slowly, building up to a climax before breaking back down to rebuild again. Layering is used to great effect in Psychedelic trance, with new musical ideas being added on at regular intervals, often every 4 or 8 bars. This buildup will happen till a climax is reached, and then the song will break down and start a new rhythmic pattern over the constant bass line.

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