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Single Minded Promotions specialises in Radio 1 plugging, Television, Press, and College promotions. Our experience in the music industry enables us to offer an extensive yet specific service, adaptable to suit the requirements of any client.

As consultant to some of the largest record companies and Music Publishers in the world, we firmly believe in applying the same effort and expertise to developing new artists, as we do in the promotion of the more established artists. Furthermore, with newer labels that are looking to build sales, market share and status, or launch a label or subsidiary in the United Kingdom, Single Minded Promotions strategically targets all the key areas.

We offer a comprehensive promotions service which will enable your company, artists and records to be successfully represented in the UK.

National and London Radio Promotion and Plugging

This service includes personal plugging by Tony Byrne and daily and weekly contact with producers and DJs of both specialist and mainstream music at Radio 1, Kiss FM, Capital Radio, Radio 2, XFM, 6 Music and others; monitoring airplay, arranging interviews, sessions, competitions and advertising campaigns.

Regional Radio Promotion
This service includes personal weekly contact with producers and DJs of both specialist and mainstream music, monitoring airplay, arranging interviews, sessions, competitions and advertising campaigns at all Independent Local Radio stations and all BBC Local Radio stations.

We are in regular contact with all key ILR stations including the Galaxy, GCap, EMAP, Juice Networks and many of the most prominent BBC local stations.

Student Radio Promotion - Dance/Indie/Alternative

We offer a comprehensive promotion service in this sector, providing national coverage, with regular mailouts and online monitoring of promotional material and reaction sheets to the following:

1. University and College DJ's
2. University and College radio stations
3. University and College Publications

We also maintain constant contact with RSL stations and other broadcasters without current licenses.

Television Promotion

We are in constant contact with researchers, producers and presenters of National, Regional, Cable and Satellite Television programmes to arrange personal appearances, video exposure and interviews with key independent production companies and all of the UK terrestrial and satellite television networks.


Single Minded Promotions are able to offer our clients a wide variety of services including a full 360 degrees promotions consultancy service where we are able to take artists and record labels at any stage of development through specific areas of recording through to organising producers, remixes, video production, marketing, promotions, sales and distribution.

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