The God Adrenalin - The Answers 77 Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 18th August 2014 Download available from: 18th August 2014
Released by: Bow Records

The Story Begins

'Face to face the good and bad − battle hell for leather'

A hitched Jeep trek in the wilderness of East Africa − away from vibrating phones and junk mail saw this contender for 'the best new clutch of songs award' rediscover the juices that fuel the tune engine.

It all kicked off with a song about hyenas and wildebeest. The pistol fires with debut single 'The Answers 77' a tongue in cheek hybrid philosophical rant on snippets of 'every day life' viewed from the perspective of a man in a mask; a man who spent his formative years signed to Warners, One Little Indian and Virgin to name but a few.

Fast forward to now − and with an eclectic team of vocalists and producers, and songs that tackle life, love, death, money, confusion, politics, materialism, sex, globalization and snakes. The God Adrenalin project is here.

From D minor to Dumper Truck and back to D major, the man has got it bad for invading the prevailing soundscape filling the clubs and radio waves. All wrapped up in wordplay and 'Acoustitronic' clothing. TGA's initial offering grooves with a self-confident swagger, we wait and wonder if he has the answer to 'the question that is life's quiz!'

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