Kamaliya - Rising Up Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 26th February 2012 Download available from: 26th February 2012
Released by: TanArm Music

Hot on the heels of a top dance hit, Russian pop super star Kamaliya is back in February with an amazing dancefloor filler 'Rising Up', a highly anticipated and beautifully shot pop video and a string of exclusive UK club performances.

Released 26th February, the singer and Hollywood actress's 2nd single 'Rising Up' is an apocalyptic club anthem with mixes from UK dance ensemble Cahill and US production wizards Soulseekerz - two of the hottest circuit club DJs specialising in dance and house. Anticipating chart success Kamaliya could not be in better hands - Cahill have previously re-worked hits for the likes of Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole and Mariah Carey and Soulseekerz have worked with Rihanna, Dannii Minogue, Britney Spears and The Noisettes. A follow up to 'Crazy In My Heart', the track is a high-energy, thumping number that showcases her phenomenal voice and looks set to light up the UK clubs and continue her invasion of British dance floors.

The stunning video for 'Rising Up' was shot on location in Miami and directed by Paul Boyd who has previously directed videos for Shania Twain, Elton John, LeAnn Rimes, Celine Dion and Inna. Boyd set out to make the hottest video of the year in which Kamaliya gives a high-octane and highly charged performance drawing on her fashion and beauty interests.

The video, which opens with stunning aerial shots of leather clad diamond clawed Kamaliya speeding through Miami streets on the futuristic 'Transformer' styled 'Mental Mantis' motorcycle, can only be described as a mini-movie. Intercut with super-hot dance action mixing 'Krump' and 'Breaking'; stunning beach locations; the exclusive villa where CSI Miami and the Jazz Singer were filmed and a love interest from James Mcdonald, one of the world's top male models.

With her attention focused firmly on the British dance scene, Kamaliya will make her UK debut performance of the track at Funky Buddha on the 27th January followed by 7 exclusive appearances at some of the UK's largest clubs. Dates are as follows:

Chester − RNB Club Tuesday 31st January
Bolton − After Dark Night Club 10th February
Manchester − Cruz 101 10th February
Swansea − Odyssey Night Club 11th February
Hereford − Play Night Club 24th February
Boston Lincs − After Dark Nightclub 25th Saturday
Birmingham − Nightingales 3rd March

Kamaliya is a keen animal lover and is honored to headline the WSPA Charity event in London on 22nd February. WSPA is working towards a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends.

Following the release of 'Rising Up' Kamaliya will be making waves in Hollywood - she is due to shoot 'What About Love' with Andy Garcia and Sharon Stone. Principle photography is planned for April 2012. She has already filmed 'Officer Down' with James Wood and Stephen Dorff due for release later this year.

Kamaliya will also headline 'Mr. Gay World' in South Africa in April.


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