Abi feat. Fugative - Summer Sunshine Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 31st July 2011 Download available from: 31st July 2011
Released by: Transmission Recording

'Summer Sunshine' is the debut pop single of one of the UK's most talented new artists, 17 year old Abi Phillips.

Abi is currently playing Liberty in Channel 4's youth drama Hollyoaks. She has been contributing since she joined the show musically from her very first week with Abi's original compositions and on screen musical performances. 'Summer Sunshine' will also feature in the show.

'Summer Sunshine' is set to be the track of the summer 2011, a perfect blend of hooks, melody and words that every teenager in the UK will identify, coupled with a blinding feelgood video, set in sunny Majorca - the holidays start here!

Written by Abi and co-writer / rising star - Sam Gray and featuring the established young UK urban rapper − Fugative, Abi stakes her first claim to join the current crop of ultra talented female artists coming out of Britain. Let's hear it for the girl and get ready for some summer sunshine!

Abi will become the first person to perform as two different people on T4 On The Beach as the show plays host to the Hollyoaks cast on July 10th. While Liberty gets her big break, Abi Phillips will also perform her own solo material to the T4 crowd.

Abi is also currently offering one of her tracks 'Somebody Without You' as a free download on Bandcamp in your choice of format.

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