Fawni - Ready When You Are Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 8th May 2011 Download available from: 8th May 2011
Released by: Major Records Ents.

Austria's hottest export has released her latest energy infused single on iTunes. 'Ready When You Are' is an upbeat, dance anthem that will get the crowd on its feet and dare them to dance. The single was produced, arranged and mastered by creative mastermind's DJ Sammy, Oliver Laib and executive producer Gil Corber. The first release off her upcoming album, 'Ready When You Are' embodies a fun loving, outgoing bombshell with a gift to entertain. Fawni wants the world to dance to her music. In a recent interview she spoke of her music saying its 'energetic, it's fiery and unforgiving.'

Already a star in her native Austria, Fawni's new material is setting her up to become pop music's next princess. CNN recently published an article highlighting 'The Next Wave of European Pop Stars' stating 'Artists such as….Austria's Fawni are suddenly swarming L.A with dreams of making it big' continuing by with 'Fawni is now well known to Hollywood event photographers.'

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