B.A.R.S. feat. Reece - Say A Prayer Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 6th February 2011 Download available from: 6th February 2011
Released by: 72 Records

B.A.R.S. is a collective of music business veterans both old and new school who wish to remain anonymous. The focus of this musical collective is to use it's past expertise in showcasing new urban talent to a mainstream audience . As time goes on B.A.R.S know that it's anonymity will begin to unravel as secrets are hard to keep in the music industry. But by then the collective hopes the artists and the music that has been presented will stand alone.

The first single of the B.A.R.S repertoire is a version of the mighty Duran Duran's classic 'Save A Prayer'. When a member of B.A.R.S played it to Roger Taylor (Duran Duran's drummer) he was astounded at how their music has lived through the generations. He immediately gave it the thumbs up and the collective knew that they had a smash on their hands.

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