BYOB - Best Shoes Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 25th January 2010 Download available from: 25th January 2010
Released by: Loaded Records

'He's shaping up to be the worlds first slowed down Hadoukeen kareokeing the Streets' Artrocker

Championing a new wave of young British artists, BYOB is breaking down all barriers with his hit new tune 'Best Shoes' released 4th January 2010 (Loaded)

A grindie punkster, BYOB demonstrates an engaging and dynamic youthful vigour, with instant impact. Mixing timeless beats with modern edgy lyrics and grindie punk raps BYOB is the ultimate success story of the UK's culturally diverse and varied music scene.

Following the single will be the release of his debut album 'Everything In Moderation' It features tracks 'Young Living', 'I Like It' and the mind-blowing underground hit 'Prescription' a dirty punk rap backed by the music of 'Walk Like An Egyptian' (Bangles 1986)

'A rap about prescription medicine to the tune of 'Walk Like An Egyptian' has to be the work of either a genius, a candidate for sectioning or a musical magpie with ADHD!' Artrocker

Witty, alternative and edgy, BYOB is one to watch!

'Why's everything bad so good for me. Why's everything good so bad?'
(I Like It) BYOB.

Debut single 'Best Shoes' out 4th January 2010

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