75 Numbers - See Another Day Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 21st September 2009 Download available from: 21st September 2009
Released by: Can You Feel It Media

Fresh for 2009, 75 Numbers are releasing their debut single 'See Another Day' on 21st September 2009.
The UK based electronic dance act are Bello B, one of the early UK Rappers from his Outlaw Posse days, the early Rave/ Dance success with What Time is Love with KLF. Leah Symons, a raw natural talant and Jon Doe who has helped carved new directions with UK music in Uk Hard Trance pioneering and charting new genre 'Hardscape' into the ITUNES chart in the last year.

See Another Day is about the everyday struggle as we move forward through life - you cant give up, its not easy, stand together and see another day. This song sums up all the energy behind the scenes of the 75 Numbers album, the remixers all putting their mark on the single.
Bello B delivers the very soul and energy of the Uk dance scene, Leah Symons the melodic, characterful and rich vocals and Jon Doe the diverse production and music maestro.

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