Italo Brothers - Stamp On The Ground Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 3rd August 2009 Download available from: 3rd August 2009
Released by: All Around The World

ItaloBrothers new single "Stamp On The Ground" has gone straight to Number 1 on Clubland TV within two days of being on the channel.
ItaloBrothers are German dance trio Zacharias Adrian, Kristian Sandberg and Matthias Metten (vocalist). Mistakenly "ItaloBrothers" are often classified as a band from Italy, because of their name.
The band was founded in November 2005. Their record label is Zooland Records, which also has stars like Cascada under contract. The musical style of "ItaloBrothers" has made them famous in the Italian and German dance market.
The single is released on AATW/ Universal on 27th July, 2009

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