Saint Etienne - London Conversations: The Best of Saint Etienne Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 16th February 2009 Download available from: 16th February 2009
Released by: Universal Music

London can offer untold personal and material riches. It's a place of transformation, a magnet for people all over these islands and the wider world, its a place of extremes, heaven and hell, love and poison - you can switch from top of the world within an instant. For many people, London life is a series of negotiations, a round of small pleasures set against harsh conditions where the huge, sprawling behemoth is cut down to size by habit and necessity into a series of villages, personalised pathways through the dangers and temptations of the big black smoke. This is the territory that Saint Etienne have obsessively mapped since the early 1990's. From the euphoric beat of "London Belongs To Me" to the gritty determination of "Side Streets" and the hopeful futurism of "This Is Tomorrow", the trio of Bob Stanley, Pete Wiggs and Sarah Cracknell have tracked - in words, music, film and distilled emotion - the moods and the changes of the capital. Pulling together 35 songs from an eighteen year-old odyssey across several different record labels, "London Conversations" travels from blissful baggy ecstasy through breakbeat Rap ("Filthy"), proto-Britpop and early folk-tronica to a dalliance with the brilliant 21st century pop machine, Xenomania and beyond. This is the secret history of the city that they love.

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