Moby v Freemasons - Disco Lies Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 15th September 2008 Download available from: 15th September 2008
Released by: Mute Records

Moby collaborates with Freemasons

Moby will release his new single Disco Lies through Mute on 1st September 2008. Taken from Moby's latest album, Last Night, the new single features the vocals of Shayna Steele - "she sounds like she should have been making disco records in 1978" - Moby.

The single package comes with mixes by Freemasons, Spencer & Hill, Eddie Thoneick, Diskokaine, Jacques Renault and The Dusty Kid.

Moby discusses his inspiration for Disco Lies:

"I remember going to San Francisco in the early 90s and hearing some DJs like Marc Farina. The dance scene here in NYC was very aggressive. It was either older, softer House music or very aggressive Rave music and you went to San Francisco and it was much more disco inspired and a bit softer and it reminded me of being out in night clubs in Manhattan in the early to mid 80s, where you had this genuine underground dance scene that no-one outside of Lower Manhattan had any interest in. And so the song Disco Lies - I wanted it slightly to be reminiscent of Paradise Garage with Larry Levan or Tony Humphreys, who used to play at this club called Zanzibar out in Newark, so with these cold electronic elements, but with a very impassioned diva vocal on top."

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