Ramsey & Fen ft. Lynsey Moore - Love Bug Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 8th September 2008 Download available from: 8th September 2008
Released by: Newstate Entertainment Ltd

Ramsey & Fen ft. Lynsey Moore
Love Bug

Ramsey & Fen's seminal Love Bug returns re-wound and refreshed for 2009.

Originally surfacing on the UK Garage underground in 1997 and finally seeing a commercial release in 2000, Love Bug still sounds fresh and with UK bassline / garage dons The Wideboys added production twists it's been brought bang up to date.

Ramsey & Fen's roots are firmly in UK garage being one of the original DJ crews to emerge around the scene and they took this knowledge to the studio teaming up with legendary garage producer, MJ Cole and vocalist Lynsey Moore to lay down the massive anthem, Love Bug.

The Wideboys need little introduction, currently riding high on the bassline wave, Jim & Eddie have a slew of current hits and remix credits to their name, along side mixing top selling bassline compilations.

On their Bassline mixes they push all the right buttons for a bouncing b-line groove full of hooky fx that has already been tearing up garage clubland from limited CDR. Their Miami Mix goes for a chunky 4x4, disco house infused sound complete with sweeping strings and ballsy brass sections.

Equally legendary UK garage hero Matt Jam Lamont adds his touches on the Kings Of Swing remixes, going for a bumping 4x4 garage sound driven by piano and organ plus a cool 'm1' lick for a 90's style sound.

Ramsey himself rounds off the package with an equally bumping 4x4 garage mix that adds a stabby and synthy lead and sombre strings for a deeper mix.

Set for a late August release expect this to be tearing up UK garage clubland over the summer as well as roasting dancefloors across the Med from Ibiza to Ayia Napa.

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