Mixed by Ferry Corsten - Gatecrasher:Sheffield Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 17th March 2008 Download available from: 17th March 2008
Released by: Ministry of Sound

The biggest compilation of this month sees two giants of the dance world collide in a universe-shattering compilation of galactic proportions: Gatecrasher and Ferry Corsten - two names whose mutual growth and rise to stardom have sound-tracked the best part of the Noughties.

Their combined reputation for future-facing music is unquestionable, Gatecrasher is clubland's Darwinian trophy, the lion whose constant evolution would send Richard Dawkins into a lather. The club will forever be writ large into the nation's nocturnal consciousness, and when future historians look back at what Britain's youth were doing from the turn of the century onwards, Gatecrasher will be there, standing proud as the king of the clubbing kingdom.

Ferry Corsten is the rampant audiophile with his finger on trance's fast-forward button, and an auteur whose musical dexterity has seen him explode the myth that the genre is just sweeping synths and one-note basslines. Even Public Enemy's Chuck D, who called Corsten's remix of 'Bring The Noise' the “the ultimate concoction of pace, energy and lyrics”, is part of Ferry's million-strong global fanbase, the latter voting in his five-years-and-counting tenure in the Top 10 of the Top 100 DJs Poll.

Brought to you by the world's finest purveyors of dance compilations, Ministry Of Sound, this musical ménage a trois showcases the ever-changing face of international trance and EDM. Representative of both the scene's new bucks and the stalwarts who've propelled the genre into the all-conquering force it is today, 'Gatecrasher: Sheffield' moves from solar-plexus trembling deep, tech trance, into anthemic, unabashed melodic hand-raisers.

CD 1 features the likes of Thomas Penton & John C, Street Punk, Rafael Frost, Markus Schulz, Maor Levi, Ferry Corsten feat. Howard Jones and Breakfast. CD 2 includes tracks and remixes from Lemon & Einar K, Mike Shiver, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Solarstone, Andrelli & Blue, Orjan Nilsen, and Dimitro Federov

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