Charlean Dance - Mr DJ Single Minded Promotions
CD released: 10th September 2007 Download available from: 3rd September 2007
Released by: Positiva

Urban London's new heroine, Charlean Dance is a young singer and songwriter credited with spearheading the UK's hottest new genre, dirty pop. Already the subject of much debate following recent media coverage and heavy support from pirate radio and Radio 1Xtra, the filthy basslines, funky beats and glossy production that form dirty pop's key elements have been widely credited with twisting RnB into a fresh new direction.

At street level, 'Mr DJ' is well-known as one of the leading dirty pop anthems, and after some intense bidding between a number of labels it's now been signed to Positiva for a full commercial release.

The work of Charlean, renowned producer Sticky, and Count De Money, it's bearing all the hallmarks of a 24-carat crossover. But dirty pop isn't about the bling, it's about the music. Sticky's production is the perfect backing to Charlean's vocals, which add the glamour to his grinding beats.

It's tracks such as 'Mr DJ' that have begun to erode the USA's musical dominance over London's urban clubland, giving way to a new sound, courtesy of Brit figures such as Sticky, JC, and DJ Cameo. What originated in a handful of clubs including Work and Liquid across London, the Midlands, and as far away as Wales, is now burgeoning into a genre in its own right, with London's fashion and music crowd switching venues to chase it.

This summer, the Dirty Pop tour will visit over 1000 UK and European clubs, and began with a complete roadblock at the official launch party at London's Funky Buddah in May. The tour will feature DJs such as Cameo, Ace & Vis and Swerve.

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