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 Ultrabeat - Pretty Green Eyes 2013

Ultrabeat return with 'Pretty Green Eyes 2013' with remixes from Andi Durrant & Steve More, Rudedog and Ultrabeat's own Big Room remix. One of 2003's biggest dance singles reaching Number 2 and selling over 300,000 singles. Vocalist Mike De Scala has had recent writing and production smashes with the triple platinum selling single 'Let me Love You' by Neo and more recently is the brainchild behind Iggy Azalea's single 'Bounce'.
Press Release
One of the UK's and 2003's biggest dance singles; reaching Number 2 in the National charts and going on to sell over 300,000 singles with playlist support from across national radio and TV; Ultrabeat return with 'Pretty Green Eyes 2013' with remixes from Andi Durrant & Steve More, Rudedog and a brand new 2013 Big Room remix.

Vocalist Mike De Scala has had recent writing and production smashes with the triple platinum selling single 'Let me Love You' by Neo and more recently is the brainchild behind Iggy Azalea's single 'Bounce'.
Ultrabeat are an English electronic music production group based in Liverpool, who primarily produce dance and house music and are most famous for their 2003 hit, 'Pretty Green Eyes'.

Their output is generally classed under the genre known as commercial dance. Their earlier efforts are recognised as commercial UK vocal trance productions. Ultrabeat release their work through the All Around The World record label. The group comprises Mike Di Scala, Chris Henry and Ian Redman.

It is notable that their recordings have been constantly supported by Scouse House and Radio City 96.7 DJ, Lee Butler, who helped launch them into stardom. He aired their cover version of 'I'm Not in Love' within a few hours of its recording.

The band's debut album, Ultrabeat - The Album, was released on 10 September 2007, and included all of their previously released singles. The collection reached #8 in the UK Albums Chart. Their followed a single collaboration with happy hardcore producer/singer Darren Styles named 'Discolights'. It was released on the 23 June 2008 on the AATW label

Band members

Mike Di Scala - producer, songwriter, main singer
Chris Henry - producer, songwriter
Ian Redman - producer
Rebecca Rudd - singer (since 'Elysium (I Go Crazy)')


Di Scala, Henry and Redman were friends before Ultrabeat started. They grew up spending many pleasurable evenings together if you get what I mean, they lived near each other in Liverpool, Di Scala and Henry attending schools just a mile away from each other, with the former attending Cardinal Heenan in West Derby and the latter going to Broadgreen High School in the Old Swan/Broadgreen area. They were part of the same circles of friends, and also DJs, in the up and coming scouse house scene. They all shopped in the underground dance record shop '3 Beat Records', and they all used to perform DJ sets across Liverpool's night-clubs. The three decided to go into Di Scala's studio for some amateur recording sessions, where they made some bootlegs of old happy hardcore tracks from 1997 onwards. The songs were made to improve their DJ sets. Before this, Di Scala and Redman had remixed a handful of tracks using the name 'Ultra Beat'.

Recording contract (2003)

All Around The World first met with Di Scala through Rezonance Q and their single, 'Someday', which went to #29 in the UK Singles Chart in early 2003. In Di Scala's studio he and All Around The World were discussing 'Someday', when he played them Ultrabeat's demo of 'Pretty Green Eyes', a cover of the 'Force and Styles' happy hardcore song from 1997. It was then that Ultrabeat were signed by the label.

Mainstream popularity (2003-05)

'Pretty Green Eyes' went on to be a #2 hit in August 2003. It was playlisted on most radio stations including BBC Radio 1, and was performed live on Top of The Pops. The following single was 'Feelin' Fine' which charted at #12 in the UK Christmas chart of 2003. Their next release was 'Better Than Life', which was issued the following year and reached #23 in the chart.

The decline of their mainstream popularity came when their next single, 'Feel It With Me', was released some 10 months after 'Better Than Life'. It charted at #57 in 2005. Their album (originally titled Better Than Life - The Album) was expected to be released sometime after this but it never materialised, and this upset many fans.

With Rebecca Rudd (2006-07)

Rebecca Rudd had already sung vocals for the M&C Project, a group which featured both Di Scala and Henry, on a track called 'Coming Back'; as well as a cover of Siedah Garrett's 'Do You Want It Right Now' and a song called 'Magic Touch'.

In 2005 she had also did the vocals for Pawn Shop, an alias of Whelan & Di Scala, on a song called 'Shot Away' which sampled The Rolling Stones' 'Gimme Shelter'. She has also worked with Di Scala and Henry under the King of Clubs name, and with the latter as Re-Con.

In April 2006 'Elysium (I Go Crazy)' was released, and charted at #38 and put Ultrabeat back in the Top 40 after 17 months. This song, which sampled Scott Brown's 'Elysium', featured Rudd on vocals for the first time with Ultrabeat.

'Elysium (I Go Crazy)' was played on TV music channels more frequently than 'Feel It With Me', and became one of their most popular songs. MTV viewers voted it #1, on their 'Galaxy Chart'.

Their sixth single, 'Sure Feels Good', was released in August 2007 and it was a collaboration with Darren Styles. It achieved #51 in the UK chart. It was the second single featuring Rudd and along with 'Elysium (I Go Crazy)' was the second collaboration with another hardcore artist.

Debut album

In September 2007 the band released their album, Ultrabeat - The Album which achieved #8 in the UK Albums Chart. At that time band undertook a national tour of the UK with Cascada (who are also on the AATW label) which included a gig in their hometown of Liverpool. Their seventh single, 'I Wanna Touch You', was released on 4 February 2008.

Second album

A new single 'Discolights' was released in June 2008. In an interview about the upcoming HTID compilation album, Di Scala mentioned work on the new album. An original release date of 12 January 2009 was set for the album, but despite this, it has been leaked onto the internet on various file sharing platforms.

Pretty Green Eyes 2013
All Around The World
Download available: 29th July 2013
CD released: 29th July 2013
Available Mixes (Download and CD)
Ultrabeat 2013 Radio Edit
Andi Durrant & Steve More Radio Edit
Rudedog Radio Edit
Supasound Club Remix
Ultrabeat 2103 Extended Mix
Rudedog Extended
Andi Durrant & Steve More Club Mix
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