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 The King Blues - Set The World On Fire

The King Blues have just announced they will be releasing a new single 'Set The World On Fire' through Transmission Recordings/PIAS 10th April 2011. This will be followed by the release of the highly anticipated album 'Punk & Poetry'.
Press Release

'Political activism in music is alive and well − just ask The King Blues, who have gone from the squat scene to Radio 1'

Johnny 'Itch' Fox - Vocals / Uke /// Jamie Jazz - Guitar / Vocals
Dean Ashton - Guitar / Vocals /// Jack Usher - Drums
Kat Marsh - Bass / Vocals /// Josie Dobson - Keys / Vocals

The King Blues have just announced they will be releasing a new single 'Set The World On Fire' through Transmission Recordings/PIAS 10th April 2011. This will be followed by the release of the highly anticipated album 'Punk & Poetry'.
Jonny 'Itch' Fox - Vocals and Uke
Jamie Jazz - Guitar and Vocals
Dean Ashton - Guitar and Vocals
Kat Marsh - Bass and Vocals
Josie Dobson - Keys and Vocals
Jack Usher - Drums

On April 18th, The King Blues release 'Punk & Poetry', the group's third album. Following not exactly hot on the heels of 2008's critically acclaimed 'Save The World, Get The Gir'l − an album which sold in excess of 30,000 copies in the UK alone, and which saw its creators grace the covers of national magazines and position themselves on the playlists of mainstream radio stations − P&P is an effort that has changed in shape and tone as the times in which it was created have changed around it.

'To be honest with you, the album didn't originally start out as being all that political,' explains Jonathan 'Itch' Fox, the group's lead singer and chief war-monger. 'I wanted to take a step back from activism; I'd grown a bit tired of banging my head against a wall.'

A year later than scheduled 'Punk & Poetry's' arrival may be, but now that it is here The King Blues' sponsored revolution is set to continue. Propelled by lead-off single 'We Are Fucking Angry' − no explanation needed there, then - the Peter Miles produced / Chris Sheldon mixed 12 song set manages to combine the crackle of the best punk rock with the swing and glide of the best pop music. These are songs that you can dance to, as well as get angry with.

'We want to be the biggest band in the world,' says Itch. 'We don't really make any secret of that fact.'
'But,' he says. 'We want to do it for the right reasons.'

It all started in such unlikely circumstances as well. In 2005 Jonathan Fox and Jamie Jazz were merely two punk rock ragamuffins looking to get something going on the streets of London. They would scour the capital's dark corners looking for abandoned properties in which they could stage happenings and gatherings. Entry secured, the pair would staple a 'section 6' notice to the front door declaring this to be a legal squat and thus a party would begin.

By 2007, The King Blues were ready to release 'Under The Fog', their first album. Featuring Mr Music Man and Taking Over − songs that still stand as highlights in the group's live set today − 'Under The Fog' showed the United Kingdom's bustling and over-populated underground music scene that an exciting new presence had arrived in its midst.

Just a year later and The King Blues were back with 'Save The World, Get The Girl.' With single releases in the form of the album's title track, 'I Got Love', 'My Boulder' and 'Let's Hang The Landlord', the group's second album saw its creators grace the covers of Kerrang! and The Big Issue, as well as being featured within the pages of the NME and The Guardian. The group supported The Pogues at London's Brixton Academy, as well as The Specials at the Royal Albert Hall. Under their own steam TKB were able to sell-out Camden Town's famous Electric Ballroom, as well as headline their own show at the Empire, Shepherd's Bush's loveliest concert hall. Last spring also saw the group perform in Japan as part of that country's Punk Spring package, as well as in the summer taking the mainstage at the Leeds and Reading festivals by storm.

And now, with 'Punk & Poetry', The King Blues are back: louder, prouder, tighter and more relevant and needed than ever. And make no mistake, the group's re-emergence has not arrived a moment too soon.

'I think there's a need for album like the one we're about to release,' says Itch. 'I think it's important that there's people who are willing to challenge and question what's going on out there. At the moment it seems to be only ourselves and Enter Shikari that are asking these questions, but as the cuts bite and things get worse I'd be surprised if there weren't a lot more bands joining us on the front-line. I would be surprised if there were too many bands then who are just singing songs about their hair cuts.'

The King Blues will be touring the UK in March and April 2011. The single 'We're Fucking Angry' is released as a free download now from the bands website and the 1st single 'Set The World on Fire' will be released on 10th April 2011.

The band's third album, Punk & Poetry, will be released on April 17th.
The King Blues
Set The World On Fire
Transmission Recording
Download available: 10th April 2011
CD released: 10th April 2011
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Set The World On Fire
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