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 Ben DJ feat. Sushy - Me & Myself

Tunisian born Ben DJ's latest studio collaboration with Italian vocalist Sushy has already been selected as Pete Tong's Essential New Tune. Remixed by Beatport's favourite Wolfgang Gartner who has produced an infectious slab of funk-tinged electro-house. Now signed to Melodica/House-Trained with a slick raunchy video shot in Milan and featuring a cast of Italian models, this may prove to be Europe's finest collaboration of the summer.
Press Release
The year is 2008, and in an era when the number of regurgitated club classics swamping the market place has threatened to overshadow the emergence of any potentially groundbreaking dance anthems, the UK's beloved scene appears to have finally come full circle. Hardly surprising then that in a not too dissimilar fashion to its favourite sporting past-time, the nation has become wholly reliant on foreign imports to sustain its position at the top of its game.

Enter Ben DJ, a Tunisian born artist whose latest studio collaboration with hot, young Italian vocalist Sushy was recently selected as Pete Tong's 'Essential new tune' for Radio 1; a timely accomplishment as the 2008 Ibiza season gets under way and the search for this Summer's definitive Space Terrace anthem begins. Remixed by fast-emerging Beatport favourite Wolfgang Gartner (aka Joey Youngman), this infectious slab of funk-tinged electro-house has all the markings of an early contender for such an accolade. With the island's underground dance floors all but completely devoid of any lyrical content in recent seasons, an offering with such a potent combination of hard-hitting, vocal-driven production could indeed be perceived as a rarity. Lest anyone suggest such a monster of a track might also be considered daytime radio friendly...
With an impressive cross-section of mixes from Lys, Kinky Roland and Diego Abaribi, it is easy to imagine Sushy's lyrical hook “I found the meaning of life” permanently imprinted on the minds of many a dazed and confused punter returning from the White Isle this Summer, although the catchy Egyptian theme underlying Joey's afore-mentioned remix may yet prove to be the track's defining moment. Either way, championing this release from it's UK headquarters, newly established label 'House-Trained' has been granted the responsbility of finding the formula to assist their Italians counterparts in bringing the track's global appeal to the surface. With a slick raunchy video shot in downtown Milan and featuring a cast of Italian model extras, this may prove to be Europe's finest collaboration so far!

"Me & Myself" is released through Melodica / House-Trained
Ben DJ feat. Sushy
Me & Myself
House-Trained / UMTV
Download available: 22nd September 2008
CD released: 22nd September 2008
Available Mixes (Download and CD)
Wolfgang Gartner Radio Edit
Wolfgang Gartner Club Mix
Lys Vocal Mix
Lys Dub Mix
Kinkly Roland Remix
Kinkly Roland Dubstrumental
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